Call for Papers (closed) for Researcher Meeting 17th July 2012 – Service Design in Art Management and Entertainment Economy

A part of International Summer Seminar Pori Jazz for Professionals 17th–19th of July 2012 at the University Consortium of Pori

Call for papers

The call for papers is now closed. Thank you for your submissions!

International Researcher Meeting – Service Design in Art Management and Entertainment Economy, for researchers interested in event management and related issues, such as cultural production and tourism, management of creative projects, social media and marketing – old hands, new beginners, doctors and all those who are interested to study event management in practice.

In 2000 and onwards Service Design has been a ’hot topic’ among the researchers from different disciplines.  Because of the multidisciplinary character of the concept of Service Design we are open for various scientific perspectives of looking at the phenomenon in your research proposals. What we expect, however, is that the submissions share the joint context of interest in Art Management and Entertainment Economy.

The researcher meeting will be a part of the International Seminar Pori Jazz for Professionals 17th–19th of July 2012, which is aimed at professionals in the field of cultural production.

The meeting will offer a unique opportunity to present your research to fellow researchers and get comments from a professional panel. The seminar is an excellent opportunity to network and meet people – in the middle of the sizzling, largest Jazz festival in Europe, Pori Jazz.

Submission guidelines and deadlines

15th of May 2012: Submission of abstracts of research papers (max 250 words). English is compulsory for the abstract. The abstract should include keywords, research meeting theme, objectives, methodology, main contributions and conclusions of the paper.

Please submit your abstract proposal as a MS Word file to arja.lemmetyinen(a) This file should have the title of your paper and your name. On 25th of May 2012 results of the review, including acceptance or rejection, will be communicated.

For more information:

Senior Researcher Arja Lemmetyinen
Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, Pori Unit
arja.lemmetyinen(at), Mobile +358 50 5200770

Pori Jazz for Professionals seminar is co-produced by Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, Pori Unit and Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Pori Unit of Department of Art.



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