International Seminar Series in the Field of Welfare Service Design and Active Ageing on 21-22 March and 23 April in Pori

The seminars will present a variety of new perspectives on welfare service design and production in the field of active ageing. The speakers of the seminars are from both private and public sector organizations and researchers of the welfare field. The seminars are organized by the Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, Pori Unit. 

Welfare Service Design in Management of ICT Applications and Active Ageing
21-22 March 2012
Venue: Auditorium 125 and 240, University Consortium of Pori, Pohjoisranta 11 A

The seminar will present different technology applications of active ageing in the welfare field and innovative service design and business models which are related to them.
Seminar programme

Seminar registration by 9 March 2012:
Registration form

Service Design in Welfare Provision and Business Models
23 April 2012
Venue: Auditorium 125, University Consortium of Pori, Pohjoisranta 11 A

The seminar analyses service systems, production and networks in the welfare field from the perspectives of business economics.
Seminar programme

Seminar registration by 13 April 2012:
Registration form

The seminars have a free admission.

The seminars are organized by the HITTI – Innovative development and management of welfare services (2011-2013) project. HITTI is a project of the Pori Unit of the Turku School of Economics, the purpose of which is to develop service systems, networks and production of the welfare field and of public services.

For more information:
Päivikki Kuoppakangas,

Kristiina Tattari




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